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Casting for the characters below:

Richmond, King Henry VII Late 20s-30s
A Lancaster and nephew to King Henry VI, Richmond is a kind, steady ruler whose gentle leadership stands in sharp contrast to Richard’s. Richmond raises an army against Richard and defeats him, taking the throne of England and marrying King Edward’s daughter to unite the houses of York and Lancaster.

Duke of Buckingham Late 20s-30s
Richard’s right-hand man who helps the Duke rise to the throne, thinking he’ll be rewarded once Richard is king. Instead, Richard spurns him. Buckingham realises the error of his ways and tries unsuccessfully to raise an army against Richard, only to be captured and beheaded. He repents his sins before he dies.

Queen Elizabeth Mid 40s
Wife to King Edward and mother Tom Edward Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, and a daughter (also named Elizabeth) whom Richmond eventually marries, Elizabeth is progressively devastated by Richard’s rise as he murders first her allies, Earl Rivers, Lord Grey, and Sir Vaughan, then her young sons, and then tries to marry her daughter.

Queen Margaret Mid 50s +
Widow of Henry VI and mother of Edward of Westminster (both murdered by Richard), Margaret is bitter, sharp-tongued, grief-addled, and determined to make the living pay for her lost husband, son, and throne. The curses she casts at the start of the play are successively fulfilled in later subsequent scenes. Physical Actor.

King Edward IV 40s
Richard’s oldest brother and Elizabeth’s husband, Edward is a York. He is sickly and dies early on in the play.

Clarence Mid 30s
The middle brother between King Edward VI and Richard, Clarence stands ahead of Richard in the line of succession to the throne. Richard, while pretending to be Clarence’s ally, first turns Edward against him and then has him murdered.

Duchess of York 50s +
Mother of Edward IV, Richard, and Clarence, who comes to despise Richard and eventually disowns him.

Lord Stanley 50s
Loyal stepfather to Richmond, who feigns loyalty to Richard to protect his son George Stanley but stealthily assists Richmond.

Lord Hastings 30s – 50s
Though Hastings’ supports and trusts Richard, he will not support his rise to the throne and is thus eventually beheaded by Richard.

Lord Mayor of London 30s-50s
The mayor that Richard and Buckingham try to manipulate into garnering public support for Richard’s rise to the throne.

Sir James Tyrrell 20s – 30s
The assassin Richard hires to kill Edward Prince of Wales and the Duke of York.

Earl Rivers 30s – 40s
Elizabeth’s brother and loyal ally, eventually executed by Richard.

Marquis of Dorset Teens – Early 20s
Elizabeth’s son from a previous marriage and loyal ally.

Lord Richard Grey Teens – Early 20s
Elizabeth’s son from a previous marriage and loyal ally, eventually executed by Richard.

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