The Seagull

Press reviews:

    • “A wonderfully grounded and understated performance keeps this show relatable.” – Urban Times

    • “A good debut from this talented troupe, though I don’t doubt for a second that there is more to come from Front Foot Theatre.” – Urban Times

    • “Brilliant and compelling performances from the lead actors, and the scenic backdrop effectively captures the simplicity and stillness of the natural setting.” – Everything Theatre

    • “The acting approach used in this production makes for high quality and honest performances, and also works to further express the chief concerns of the play. ” – Everything Theatre about the Meisner Technique used in developing The Seagull

    • “This is a very accessible production, with casual and personal delivery style instantly making the audience at home.”  – Urban Times

    • “The small space makes the explosive lead performance of Kim Hardy all the more poignant. In such close quarters it is impossible not to feel real sympathy for a man whose promising life is falling apart, while his fierce outbursts leave the audience touched, feeling almost awkward to be sharing such moments of vulnerability.” – Urban Times

    • “Julia Papp in particular delivers a simultanneously disturbing and moving performance. Her childish, out-of-place hope stands out as a beacon which the audience can’t help but cling to as the gloom of the Russian countryside encroaches.” – Urban Times

    • “No one better keeps the audience engaged than old Uncle Sorin (Stephen Christos) who steals the show with a masterclass in comic timing. ”  – Urban Times

    • “Louise Templeton delivers probably the strongest performance as the ageing actress, who must convince herself and her audience that she is as young as she looks and acts.” – Atomies

    • “This was impressive to watch as an audience. In the opening act Kim Hardy (Konstantin) was playing moment to moment. His lines were delivered with such honesty he was talking as this character. not as an actor.” Again in the third act when Konstantin argues with his mother you could see the actors responding to each other freely both in their vocals and their physical reactions.” – Everything Theatre

    • “In the final act Julia Papp as a broken Nina was so real and deeply connected to all the character’s vulnerabilities.” – Everything Theatre

    • “James Tweedy is promising in the small role of Medvedenko, reacting excellently to Masha’s casual slights.” – One Stop Arts

    • “Amongst the main roles the stand out success was the gloriously natural performance of Louise Templeton as Arkadina – she delivered the line where she tells Konstantin that Nina will love him again after she’s taken Trigorin away as if she had no conception of how insulting this was to him.” – One Stop Arts

    • “Kim Hardy is a credible Konstantin, with a delicate quiver in his voice that provides a convincing emotional timbre, while he is also delivering a clear-eyed analysis of, say, his mother’s anxiety over her age.” – Atomies

    • “Papp does dress-pinching, celebrity-dazzled, girlish simpering brilliantly.” – Atomies

    • “Overall the cast conveyed the emotions and insecurities of these complex characters truthfully and passionately. Their approach to the work further demonstrates the desire for honesty and freedom in love and art, which can be seen as the key concerns in The Seagull. ”  – Everything Theatre

Reviews from our audience:

    • “Can’t recommend this enough, thoroughly absorbing and superbly acted.” – John Kelley

    • “I never seen anything quite like it. Although I confess that it was my first time seeing ‘The Seagull’ I can’t help but think that they made the long speeches much more believable and a joy to watch. You have to remember that Chekhov wrote this a long time ago and my generation is very much about the visual, having been given Iphones and sitting in front of t.v. What this play does is engages you visually and keeps you hooked by the acting which was juggernaut, making me wonder if they had assembled the best actors they could find or if all of their productions were like this. I honestly thought it was magnificent and I’m looking forward to anything else they do.” – Chris Malle

    • “I found the interplay between the characters fascinating to watch, believable, intense and in parts even humorous. Sorin’s love of both Konstantin and Arkadina, so often in conflict, left him in despair, the perfect backdrop to his own unfulfilled ambitions, wonderfully captured by Stephen Cristos. A brilliant emotional and powerful performance by Kim Hardy as Konstantin brought energy and even a little danger to the piece and Louise Templeton as Arkadina, self absorbed and majestic. beautifully portrayed. This is a must see performance of The Seagull. You should go and see it.”  – William

    • ” I was totally drawn into the story – the actors were brilliant to watch and to listen to. I also thought the costumes were well done, subtle and classically perfect for this piece. I would recommend anyone wanting to see actors of this calibre to go see this before it draws to a close.”  – Cat

    • “I would highly recommend this beautifully done play – a mind blowing performance of this Chekhov’s masterpiece. The atmosphere was absorbing, the emotions, embedded in the speech of the actors, were real and inspiring! A must-see play!”  – Dilyana

    • “I saw this play on Tuesday and I thought it was brilliant . It is refreshing to see acting that is actually believable, and a joy and a relief to not be forced to watch the normal fake performances and big booming I can project voices that seem to get all the great reviews .This is a stunning production and I thought the acting was brilliant ! As far as The Meisner aspect of this production, I use this technique myself and that was why I was excited to go and watch it . I was not disappointed ! Anyone who is interested in this technique should go and see this show. This is a real chance to see some wonderful performances from a group of exciting actors.”  – Caroline Farrington

    • “A beautifully intimate production of a great play, filled with wonderful performances.” – Megan Hockley

    • “This beautiful play is brought to life again and thank goodness it’s in the hands of this company. They certainly know what they’re doing!” – Mary-Ann Cafferkey

    • “If you want to learn something about acting and want to know about the potential of Meisner technique of acting to produce a spine tingling experience for the audience, go see this.” – Anita Roddis

    • “Stunning performances, detailed, beautiful and compelling.” – Alex Vendittelli

    • “Chekhov with real people in it, a must-see.” – Geraldine Brennan

    • “I would recommend seeing this delightful play. All actors’ performances were touching and beautiful.” – Monica Del Vecchio

“Strong performances from the cast, great set and the atmosphere evoked is highly immersive in the intimate venue.” – Toby Osmond


Subtle and memorable performances ★★★★ London Pub Theatres

“Strong performances”The Stage

“Mary-Ann Cafferkey is scene-stealing as the estranged sister” The Stage

“Front Foot Theatre’s production brings out the script’s humour and uses stark character contrast to easily generate external conflict” The Play’s The Thing

“There is great chemistry between the cast as a whole “ The Play’s The Thing

“Michael Leopold’s dilapidated house is a wonderful set, more complex than most in fringe theatre. It looks well-crafted and sturdy, an excellent finishing touch to a play grounded in modern naturalism. “ The Play’s The Thing

“The sound design is an original composition by Chris Roe, blending a range of emotions with the digital precision of the mathematics that feature so heavily in Auburn’s script.” The Play’s The Thing

“Auburn‘s script is beautifully crafted, keeping our attention focused on the characters and their relationships with each other, so that when the plot twists come, we’re caught completely unawares.” Carn’s Theatre Passion *****

“There are some particularly moving scenes between Catherine and Robert, which highlight their complicated relationship and the similarities – and differences – between the two of them.” Carn’s Theatre Passion *****

“Michael Leopold’s back yard set provides Catherine with a safe space between the house – stiflingly hot and filthy, we learn, with radiators that clank in the night and piles of books everywhere – and the unknown perils of the outside world. With two possible exits, one into the house, and one out into the street, Catherine’s now faced with a choice as to which path she wants to take from this turning point in her life.” Carl’s Theatre Passion *****

“The cast is led by Julia Papp, who gives a powerfully emotional performance, capturing Catherine’s extreme fragility and carrying the audience with her as her mood veers between infectious joy and utter despair. “ Carn’s Theatre Passion *****

” Kim Hardy as anxious, loveable geek Hal, who always seems to be choosing his words carefully and yet somehow still manages to put his foot in it.” Carn’s T P *****

“The tentative relationship between Hal and Catherine is lovely to see, offering her a rare chance to finally enjoy something normal in her extraordinary life.” CTP *****

“Mary-Ann Cafferkey is great as Catherine’s humourless and well-to-do older sister Claire; her concern seems genuine, but reveals a total lack of understanding of what her sister’s going through, and a willingness to help only on her own terms” CTP *****

“a quietly impressive performance from Tim Hardy as Robert, Catherine’s brilliant father, whose moments of calm lucidity and gentle humour (the pasta rant is particularly wonderful) contrast sharply with the distress and confusion he suffers as a result of his illness” CTP *****

“Proof is undoubtedly a beautifully written play, and Front Foot’s production is intimate and powerful.” CTP *****

“While the story deals with this one family, and we grow to care for each of the characters – even Claire – it also shines a light on the wider issue of mental health and its complexities.” CTP *****

“There are some references to maths, but nothing too heavy, so even if you hated maths at school, don’t let that put you off seeing this important and brilliant piece of theatre.” CTP *****

“There was so much to enjoy about this production of David Auburn award winning play including the haunting sound design by composer Chris Roe and the simple set by Michael Leopold.” London Pub Theatres ****

“The leaves scattered about and in the guttering, left unattended were a nice touch” LPT ****

“very fine show, which would have sat perfectly well in a West End theatre” LPT ****

“The Meisner acting technique used by Blanc could also be observed in the physical nuances shown by the actors, in particular the overthinking stressfulness of Catherine, actress Julia Papp, and the shyness of Hal, played by award winning actor Kim Hardy. We are reminded of Glenda Jackson’s quote “Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare”. LPT ****

“a beautifully hideous portrayal by Mary-Ann Cafferkey” LPT ****

“His soft sell madness was understated and controlled, with just occasional glimpses of the troubled mind within.” LPT ****

“This is a timeless play and a bargain of a production. Catch it now while you can!” LPT ****

“Proof delivers strong performances across the board and is a labour of love for all concerned – especially for Julia Papp and Kim Hardy, who also double up as the play’s producers.” Female Arts ****

“Proof is the ‘proof’ that mathematics and the sciences aren’t inherently abstract topics, but with the right perception, can be seen to be as integral to our lives as language itself.” Female Arts ****

“The relationship between the sisters is deftly explored within the play.” Female Arts ****

“The Tabard Theatre is a perfect venue for a play like Proof.” West End Wilma

“Michael Leopold’s design is essentially simple but the added elements of leaves caught in drain pipes and the dingy colouring of the wood on the house really set the idea of an aged and broken home…perhaps to represent the family themselves” West End Wilma

“Julia Papp gives a strong and believable performance as Catherine. While we see her mourning for her loss, we also catch glimpses of her feistier and jokey self.” West End Wilma

“Kim Hardy as Hal is geeky and endearing to watch as the shy love interest for Catherine.” West End Wilma

“A commendable performance goes to Mary-Anne Cafferkey who plays Claire as the bossy controlling sister, and with perfect comedic timing manages to steal some of the scenes for herself.” West End Wilma

“This is a strongly cast production of David Auburn’s 2001 Pulitzer Prize and Tony award winning play” Reviews Gate

“A well acted rewarding revival that stimulates the mind.” Reviews Gate

“a well constructed piece with a splendid first act close which leaves one wanting to know what happens next” Reviews Gate

“Julia Papp is tough, but vulnerable as the scared Catherine” Reviews Gate

“Mary-Ann Cafferkey gives a glittering performance as the awful, insensitive, but actually well meaning, sister” Reviews Gate

“Tim Hardy is wonderfully patriarchal as the great man, sometimes brilliant, sometimes plain crazy” Reviews Gate

“Kim Hardy makes Hal both a nerd and a fanciable fellow” Reviews Gate

“a rewarding and stimulating piece of theatre” Reviews Gate

“Sebastien Blanc’s production takes us gently in its grip and catches fire in the second half.” London Theatre 1
“One of the stars is the fine, intricate and just beautiful set design by Michael Leopold, perfect for the intimacy of The Tabard. I’ve been many times to that theatre and the stage has never seemed so large. It was as if he put the whole world into that small space.” London Theatre 1 ****
“A brilliantly structured play” London Theatre 1 ****
“Kim Hardy is outstanding on the stage, utterly convincing as the voice of sanity while Catherine struggles with depression, self-doubt and despair.” London Theatre 1 ****
“Mental illness, any kind of chronic illness, can turn families inside out, and this is shown vividly but not so much that we are ourselves brought to despair.” London Theatre 1 ****
(“The ending is optimistic and full of hope and love”)

“Her well-meaning but unlikeable sister Claire, Mary-Ann Cafferkey, is again beautifully played, but she is compellingly dreadful as a character.” London Theatre 1 ****
“hauntingly lovely background melodies of composer Chris Roe” London Theatre 1 ****
“The conviction put into Proof by all four of its talented cast, with the hauntingly lovely background melodies of composer Chris Roe, make this definitely worth the journey out to south-west London to see.” London Theatre 1 ****
“It is thought-provoking, reassuring and honest. And it is also rather amusing with some top jokes.” London Theatre 1 ****

“I learned a lot about maths geeks, and would never have guessed they could be such fun.” London Theatre 1****

“Who would have thought I would enjoy a play about mathematics so much?” Broke In The Big Smoke

“the set was particularly impressive” BITBS
“From the end of the first act I was hooked – I totally didn’t see it coming and was completely spellbound by the end of the first half.” BITBS

“The acting was absolutely superb” BITBS
“Julia Papp who plays the lead Catherine displaying every possible emotion throughout the short running time of the show” BITBS
“Mary-Anne Cafferkey absolutely stealing the show with her big city vibe a la Charlotte from Sex and the City as Catherine’s estranged sister Claire” BITBS

“The Tabard’s limited stage space has been cleverly turned into the porch of a Chicago family home by designer Michael Leopold’s beautiful set (Offie nominated), which has a level of detail that’s far beyond what I’ve come to expect from Fringe productions.” Theatre Truffles

“At the centre of this production of Proof is the moving and multifaceted performance of Julia Papp as Catherine. The chemistry between her and the other characters is perfect.” Theatre Truffles

“The chemistry between her and the other characters is perfect and I suspect it might have something to do with the Meisner technique training present in the actors’ CVs.” Theatre Truffles

“The father-daughter relationship is full of heart on both sides and Tim Hardy’s Robert is a wonderful presence on the stage, I kept wanting him to come back! His last scene with Catherine is devastatingly sad and played with real mastery.” Theatre Truffles

“we get a lot of resentment in Mary-Ann Cafferkey’s Claire. But her excellent performance (another well-deserved Offie nomination) is also full of humour with references to her ‘organic’ New York life with fiancé Mitch, unseen but ever-present in her words, being perfectly unbearable. Cafferkey is deliciously irritating.” Theatre Truffles

“Kim Hardy makes for a fantastic woody-allenesque Hal, portraying him as a geeky but charming mathematician coming to terms with the fact that he might never make it into the Mathematics hall of fame after all.” Theatre Truffles

“Director Sebastien Blanc does a brilliant job with this strong cast and takes very good care of Auburn’s script without missing a beat.” Theatre Truffles

“Proof is a great story brought to us by a brilliant cast and an intelligent director.” Theatre Truffles

“it’s surprising how engaging a play about maths can be” Theatre Truffles

“The show is breathtaking.” At Stage Door
” The set design is simple but original at the same time -since the backyard of an old house has a great charm- and the lighting is suitable in every moment, so visually we don’t need anything more.” At Stage Door

“the performances of every actor is great in every role but I really want to emphasize the energy and fragility of Tim Hardy as Robert -with whom was impossible not to drop a tear when he appeared on the stage- and especially the absolutely brilliant, heartbreaking and emotional Julia Papp‘s performance as Catherine.” At Stage Door


“Absolutely blown away by Proof this evening. What a beautiful play, the actors were just incredible and had me laughing and crying!” Hannah Rose Vincent

“I have just been witness to this brilliant show. Wow!!!! Beautifully told, directed and acted. I’ve laughed, cried and been moved by this piece of storytelling. It’s just simply…….. Brilliant. “ Mari Cameron

“What an absolutely beautiful piece of ‪#‎theatre‬ @FrontFootT have created with ‪#‎Proof‬! Moving, funny, human ‪#‎mustsee‬” Ty Glaser

“Absolutely blown away by ‪#‎Proof‬ @TabardTheatreUK. Can’t wait for the second half. Fantastic. ‪#‎IntervalTweet‬” Victoria Cartwright

“Mark of an excellent production…when you wake up thinking about the show you saw the night before…go see it!” Victoria Cartwright

“Saw this last night, and I have to say, a couple of minor rough edges apart, I absolutely loved it. Not a story I was familiar with, but I found myself moved and captured from the first scene onwards.” Matthew Wade

“Saw a fantastic show last night. Mental illness, genius, love, maths and family. ‪#‎PROOF‬ @TabardTheatreUK with @MACafferkey .. beautiful” @Fordyclaire

“Phenomenal performances at Proof tonight. Thank you for sharing it with us!” Anna Christian

“Absolutely spellbound by ‪#‎Proof‬ @TabardTheatreUK” Leanne @brokeinthesmoke

“Another top performance at the ‪#‎tabardtheatre‬ Thought provoking, strong script and brilliantly performed” Nick Green

“What a beautifully written, acted and directed piece of theatre. Just brilliant! Go see everyone, it’s more than worth it” Ty Glaser

“Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed Front Foot Theatre Companies production of Proof at the Tabard Theatre Chiswick, been twice! & plan to see it again at the end of the run.” Stephen Morgan

“Amazing play and actors, good times” Nora Papp

“The play was incredible, highly recommended! So lucky to meet all these passionate and extremely talented people.” Marianna Limnaiou

@GeraldineBrenn: So touched & transported by @FrontFootT #PROOF bravo @MACafferkey @OrsolyaJulia @KimHardyActor get down to @TabardTheatreUK folks.

@KevinTaggerty: PROOF @FrontFootT raises the bar for #Fringe theatre – totally convincing cast performing an intriguing play. Did I see a tear Julia Papp?

@KevinTaggerty: Seen something VERY special this evening by @FrontFootT @TabardTheatreUK Emotive & insightful, PROOF is everything I love about #Fringe

@lizziecanttweet: @FrontFootT #Proof absolutely brilliant: passionate, sensitive, funny, touching – why isn’t all theatre like this? Thank you!

@danmaclane: @FrontFootT @BlancMonsieur congratulations on #proof. A thoroughly polished and absorbing production!

“You have to see this play! So proud of this guys and of the truly amazing and inspirational work they have done. Don’t miss it.” Laura Maria Nicosia

@Denisafoundthis: Saw a vibrant, intense and beautifully done play #Proof by D. Auburn @TabardTheatreUK yesterday.quirky venue too, go see,it’s so worth it Denisa Herelove

“So, so enjoyed the performance last night. Beautiful moment to moment work. A properly great night at the theatre!” Nick Danan

“Well done guys. This was one of the best pieces I have seen in a long time. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. I laughed, cried and was so extremely moved. Fabulous. Xxxx” Mari Cameron

“Just got back from Proof at Tabard. Brilliant play. Great performances. Once of the few plays I wanted to see again and will go watch again for sure. Well done Kim Hardy, Julia Papp and the rest of the brilliant cast. If your in London go watch it. Brilliant story.” Al Zadeh
“Fine performances by the four strong cast in revival of Proof at the Tabard Theatre Turnham Green dead easy to get to and worth catching”William Russell

“Wonderfully funny & poignantly sad, a roller coaster journey”Michael Luke Walsh

“A wonderful play sensitively directed by Sebastien Blanc…Don’t miss it” John Stickland BBC director ( Mr Selfridge, The Three Musketeers, The Bill)

“The Beauty of simplicity. Don’t miss it!!!” Jazz Martinez-Gamboa

Front Foot Theatre have achieved something rather special with their production of “Proof” in West London’s Tabard theatre. The play, written with meticulous care and craft by award winning David Auburn, is richly served by a Meisner masterclass in performing. I dare say even the evocative set has been Meisnered, if that were possible. The intimate setting of the Tabard brings the audience to the edge of an autumnal veranda, fallen leaves strewn as nature intended in their own chaos, clinging to drainpipes and littering the stage. The synaptic music repeats and blinks its own punctuation trying to solve its own puzzle as we, the audience, watch from the brink as a family mathematically tries to work through its own reason for being, proving in the end that whilst mathematics can finally be fathomed by a set of long winded, notebooked scribbled string theorems, the molecular structure of family ties never really makes sense. A family that shows when it self-imposes any kind of rigid structure it is doomed to crack – as MaryAnn McAffery’s knife-through-butter, clinically driven Claire shows only too well. Julia Papp’s short fused, worn out Catherine will never fit this mould, in the same way that her ailing genius father, Robert, played by Tim Hardy has railed against it whilst at the same time craving the company of geeks, his daughter Catherine included. With Claire, his other daughter, he is “satisfied” with her sterile successful life in New York, whereas with Catherine, his ever increasing deranged mind reserves a lucid prescience that knows that crazy is good, crazy is genius and that crazy will ultimately make him proud. Kim Hardy’s geeky, awkward PhD student, Hal Dobbs, circles in awe the chaotic workings of his teacher Robert’s undeniable genius but as soon as the flesh enters the equation with Catherine, a new kind of chaos emerges, unscientific, subjective, destructive and unproven. To see all four actors inhabit and portray these levels of complexity is a real treat. They fall under the audience microscope, living cells wriggling, struggling, converging and separating as they simply try to find the answers to the wrong questions. The fragility of the human relationships make the math(s) seem easy after all. Each actor commits wholeheartedly to their task effortlessly (they trick us, obviously as so much effort is behind this production). Directed seamlessly with a pace that implicates the audience into becoming voyeurs “Proof” proves itself as a play and as a production. Congratulations to everyone, the whole team, on this remarkable work.

Mike Elliston

“I can’t put it any better than this. If you are in London, don’t miss Proof at the Tabard Theatre. Captivating, moving and also funny with touching performances” Monica Del Vecchio

“Go see Proof. Meisner very much in action…and some of the most beautiful writing I’ve heard for a long time. Very proud of a theatre company brought to life through the training at the salon:collective. These guys make lovely theatre. Well done. I’ll be back to watch it again later in the run.” Dominic Kelly

“Their performances are powerful with superb direction and a fascinating story set in an intimate & forgiving space.” Jenna Lyle

Hey guys, sorry again I had to rush off last night but just wanted to say that I think what you have created and achieved with your play is truly astounding. All the work that you’ve put in is right there on stage and as a collective company of actors the best performances I’ve seen this year, hands down. Probably last year too!! I loved it so much and it exceeded my already very high expectations and you guys should be so proud. You are all beautiful actors and beautiful people and it’s wonderful and inspiring to see you up there ABSOLUTELY SMASHING IT. So much love xxx

John kelley

Went to see Proof. What an amazing story and even more amazing talents!!! Very inspiring, emotional and also a funny play! Definitely recommend it! Congratulations to the team! heart emoticon Re

REka Vecsernyes

Loved ‘Proof’ @FrontFootT @TabardTheatreUK an amazing piece of theatre Angela Harvey

Julia Crook ‏@maddi_shepherd Oct 13
Thank you all for Proof, tonight, an immersive pleasure, touching, beautiful @FrontFootT

Laurie Scarlett ‏@Scarlettactor Oct 10
Loved @FrontFootT production #Proof! Thought provoking, endearing characters and fab venue! Awesome to see the #meisnertechnique in action!

John ‏@johnwkelley Oct 10
Proof at the Tabard by the @FrontFootT team. Wow, just wow. A thoroughly inspiring evening of theatre. Couldn’t be prouder guys x

@FrontFootT slick and brilliantly executed script congratulations on #Proof, deserves all the five stars it’s getting! Natasha Chandra

Dominic Kelly ‏@dominickellyuk Oct 8
If the #Proof is in the pudding, then this show is an immaculate pavlova. Stunning writing & engaging performances. Go see! @FrontFootT

Anna Hawkes ‏@annahawkes Oct 8
@FrontFootT have created such a beautiful and inspiring production of #Proof. I can not recommend seeing it enough!
Retweeted William Russell (@Pursuivant):
Proof at the Tabard Theatre is a decent well acted revival of a genuinely thought provoking play well worth catching Turnham Green tube easy
The reviews have been spot on! Proof was thoroughly watchable, really moving, and all four characters were wonderfully detailed. ‪#‎proof‬‪#‎tabard theatre‬ Liza Marie

Soraya Ilona Spiers
October 14 at 11:48pm

Huge well done to Kim Hardy for his beautifully layered, funny, touching and raw performance tonight in Proof. The whole cast were breathtaking and it was such a treat to finally see this amazing play on it’s feet *** she adds play to Amazon wish list…. *** One week of this incredible show left. Don’t miss it. X

Awesome performance by all last night really enjoyed my self. A very intimate production with an intriguing story line & a very clever set design with attention to detail. You should all be very proud of what you’ve created. Loved it. Ross Smith

Amazing play with exceptionally strong cast! About a week left to run! Great performances from Julia Papp, Kim Hardy, Mary-Ann Cafferkey and Tim Hardy! Don’t miss it!! Paul-D Stephenson

Retweeted At Stage Door (@at_stagedoor):
Thanks to the @theatreblogs to let me discover an amazing story ‪#‎fftproof‬. Amazing show!

Retweeted Montse Carrasco (@MontseeCarrasco):
@OrsolyaJulia congratulations for ‪#‎fftproof‬ and thank you for your performance. It was long since I cryied seeing a show as today

Retweeted At Stage Door (@at_stagedoor):
Interval of ‪#‎FFTProof‬. One of the best stories I have ever seen. Can’t wait to see how continues!!

Retweeted Montse Carrasco (@MontseeCarrasco):
@OrsolyaJulia you are absolutely amazing!! And the story is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

A truly lovely piece of theatre ‘Proof’ @TabardTheatreUK congrats all round you talented bunch

Finally got to see Proof last night by Front Foot Theatre. Incredible performances from Julia Papp Kim Hardy Mary-Ann Cafferkey and Tim Hardy. A pleasure to be involved in a small way smile emoticon Make sure you catch it before the end of the run next week!
Chris Roe

Huge well done to Kim Hardy for his beautifully layered, funny, touching and raw performance tonight in Proof. The whole cast were breathtaking and it was such a treat to finally see this amazing play on it’s feet *** she adds play to Amazon wish list…. *** One week of this incredible show left. Don’t miss it. X Soraya Ilona Spears

Well done Sebastien Louis Blanc for a wonderful production of Proof. Super performances from the cast who deserve much praise for performing under difficult circumstances competing with a very loud band playing in the pub. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done. X Debbie Christie

So I went to see this show tonight with my awesome friend Valentina. I’ve seen Facebook posts from friends praising this show highly and now I know why. Kim and Julia…two awesome friends of mine who I have known for years….these two have a connection and a chemistry on stage that is just stunning beyond words. Mary-Ann…Wow…you definitely had a presence on stage that I won’t be forgetting for a long time to come. Your performances were truly inspiring and in some way reminded me of why theatre can be great. Thank you Jonathan Ow

Fantastic to see Proof @TabardTheatreUK this eve. Well done to all involved. Fab play in a lovely venue #londontheatre Bonnie Adair

What an amazing show. Great cast, great acting, great setting.
I really enjoyed it. I recommend anyone to see this before its final date. George Eyo

You have to see this play! So proud of this guys and of the truly amazing and inspirational work they have done. Don’t miss it. Laura Maria Nicosia

Beautiful- thank you for last night. Touching, moving, great show and performance from everyone. Anita Karklina

just wanted say a massive congratulations with your show tonight! All of you did extremely well with your characters and made them so believable and your performance was just simply outstanding! Simon King

Such amazing work last night Julia. You and Kim are a delight to watch. I was really proud to take my friend. Rose Hampton

Warmest congratulations to Kim Hardy, Julia Papp, Mary-Ann Cafferkey and Tim Hardy for Proof at the Tabart Theatre. Many moving moments, in the acting and the writing, but the one that cut me to the quick was Robert’s line to his younger daughter “I am satisfied with your sister, but I am proud of you”. Had me in tears. And ouch, must go back to parenting book asap to avoid that pitfall… Sophie Gateclou-Marest

So glad I was able to catch this show. Wonderful performances from the whole cast – passionate and yet delicate..a beautifully told story! Congratulations to Julia Papp and Kim Hardy and everyone at Front Foot Theatre. Bravo!!! X Agnieszka Kennedy